Telehealth Appointments With Dr. Sharma

Download Healow and Schedule Your Telehealth Appointment Today

Dr. Sharma is now using Healow to provide telehealth appointments as an alternative to traditional office visits. We ask that the app be installed on your phone, as we have had fewer technical difficulties with that vs. on a tablet or logging into the portal on your computer.

Logging into TeleVisit using the Healow App

1.       Download the Healow app from the Android or Apple App Store

Apple App Store Logo Google Play Store Logo



2.       Search for Dr. Rita Sharma

3.       Log into Healow app with your patient portal credentials. (If you do not know your patient portal credentials please call our office).

4.       Once logged in click on appointments

screen shot 1


5.       In the My Appointments section, click on the TeleVisit icon under the appointment time.

screen shot 1


6.       Click on the Start TeleVisit button on the bottom of the screen

screen shot 3


7.       You will now see a vitals screen. Please enter the information requested to continue.

screen shot 4


8.       Once your vitals have been submitted you will see one more screen to where you have to hit start televisit.

screen shot 5

Once clicking start teleVisit please wait for Dr. Sharma. When Dr. Sharma is ready your visit will begin.

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